Otaku the Town

Otaku the Town

A podcast about anime, we guess, or whatever. Three friends join together each week to watch and discuss the shounen anime of their youth. 'This is not just a Naruto podcast,' we whisper to ourselves in the dark each night. Currently we are watching and discussing Naruto.

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    OtT 011 - Your Three Hottest Friends

    Hello and welcome to Hot Bros, where your three hottest friends are heating it up! This week we talk about episodes 24-26 of Naruto and the hateful rays of our greatest foe: The Sun. Topics include test-taking strategies, collective courage, and Naruto's kinks.

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    OtT 010 - A Real Konoha Peach

    This week we cover episodes 22 and 23 of Naruto, where things get so out of control that it basically just becomes a different show for a little bit. It's not a great sign when an inexplicable ninja turtle is one of the less-weird parts of the episode. Topics include Naruto a capella, Elliott fetish bingo, and Leonardo Dicaprio—but umm not in the way you might think.

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    OtT 009 - With an Adult Sexiness, We're Back!

    We're back! We're sorry! We're still talking about Naruto! This week we discuss episodes 20 and 21 of Naruto despite the best efforts of the show to stop us. A new arc is very nearly introduced and it's all almost very exciting. Topics include spectral negging, unconventional depth measurement, and our favorite birds.

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    OtT 008 - We're Your Dad Now

    Hi kids! We are now your dad and it's time to sit down with the old man and talk some Naruto. This week we discuss episode 19 and do our best to put a bow on the Haku/Zabuza arc. Topics include Dinotopia and dead lovers and some other shit but mostly you should just stay for the special surprise at the end!

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    OtT 007 - Haku the Town

    Welcome to Haku the Town, where it's all Haku all the time! This week we technically discuss episodes 17 and 18 of Naruto—but we mostly just talk about Haku. Other topics include ninja dogs, children ripening into murderers, and the inexorable decay of the withered husks we inhabit.

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    OtT 006 - Fox & Friends

    Our audio quality may be down but our spirits are up as we finally reunite to record a podcast in the present day! This week we discuss episodes 15 and 16 of Naruto in which the show becomes so gay and sad that we all perish. Topics include kid torture, self-actualization via exorcism, proud papas, and full-body vaping.

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    OtT 005 - I, Haku

    Children, children, still your fear; Harold the Human Famer’s here! Watch the shadows, clutch your skin— don’t let him in! Don’t let him in.

    …This week on Otaku the Town we soldier through episodes 12-14 of Naruto despite being besieged by a glorious feline. Topics include sword goons, lethal ice skating, and tanning human hide. Enjoy 15 minutes of bonus episode because we lost track of time!

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    OtT 004 - The Passion of the Kaiza

    This week on Otaku the Town it's pretty much The Gay of the NInja from start to finish as we discuss episodes 10 and 11 of Naruto. We said we were going to talk about more episodes, but we lied to you. Topics include tattoos, cyber security, tree climbing, nasty boys, and crucifixion.

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    OtT 003 - Sharingan Master Gretchen Wieners

    This Holiday episode of Otaku the Town was at least recorded in December! This week we discuss episdoes 7-9 of Naruto while possibly sitting around a roaring fire and definitely sipping mimoas. Topics include pre-industrial sleep habits, rabbit husbandry, eyeball magic, old english common law, and children who have been trained to kill.

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    OtT 002 - Naruto Twist

    This week on Otaku the Town we discuss episodes 4-6 of Naruto. Topics include ghost possession, ninja logging, and child poverty.

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